From Hiding to Inspiring. Empower and Educate People through the Revelation of your Eczema Journey.

“When we tell our stories, show our cracks and roughness, we become empowered. We heal the invisible cracks in our hearts. And we do the same for the people watching.”
Karey Gauthier, MS, National Eczema Association

Whether you’re someone who is battling against Atopic Dermatitis (AD) or knows a family or friend who has it, you got yourself a STORY to tell. 

Watch Peter Moffat's Understanding AD on Terrajuve's Facebook Page.  That story of yours can ignite the light and build awareness, for them to fully understand people with AD. To understand the pain they are going through physically and mentally, understand how they can help, and to understand that it’s not contagious.

Sharing your story is easy! All you have to do is post your story on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, with photos, videos, and/or words. Use the hashtag: #unhideECZEMA and always be sure to tag @nationaleczema for Twitter and Instagram, and like the National Eczema Association Facebook Page.

So join us now in our advocacy to #unhideECZEMA. Together, let’s cheer on and support Eczema Warriors!


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