Shea Butter Moisture Body Cream and Sugar Scrub Face and Body Exfoliator All Natural and Wrapped in Orgnanza Bag

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Our Demerara Sugar Scrub’s enriched crystals help exfoliate, moisturize and promote new skin growth.

Terrajuve EVERYDAY SHEA Body Butter with its organic shea butter, organic hempseed oil an full of vitamins E & K makes it a Daily Deep Hydration Formula.

All Natural. Organic. Made In USA.

  • ALL NATURAL SHEA BUTTER. Known as a skin superfood imported from Africa. It is naturally rich with Vitamins A, E and F, and essential fatty acids for collagen production.
  • THE PUREST SUGAR. Our Demerara Sugar Scrub is unlike any on the market (and we've looked). Instead of using plain White Sugar, Brown Sugar or Tuber Sugar (from GMO Beets), we use, without question, the finest sugar money can buy and for good reason. Your skin deserves the finest!
  • MOISTURIZE, HYDRATE AND SOFTEN SKIN. The concentration of natural vitamins in shea butter deeply hydrates skin, lightens under eye circles, reduces wrinkles, fades stretch marks and provides much needed moisture to chapped and sunburned skin.
  • EXFOLIATES, HYDRATES AND RENEWS SKIN. Demerara is a Humectant Exfoliant, which means it draws moisture into the skin, rather than drying it out. It gently removes dead skin, hydrating it from the outside in. For the face, neck and other private and sensitive areas, Demerara Sugar brings moisture below the skin’s surface allowing it to “plump” naturally.
  • PURITY PROMISE. Terrajuve's products are guaranteed to be paraben free, paraffin free, phthalate free, gluten free, dairy free, cruelty free, non GMO, no petroleum or mineral oil, made in the USA. Our company is committed to never source our products from suppliers who perform animal cruelty.