6.6 oz,  Large Activated Charcoal Artisan Bar Soap, All Natural, 100% Organic, Made in the USA

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Activated charcoal soap is known to be highly beneficial in the treatment of acne. It not only aids the removal of toxins, but also removes skin impurities thus helping in the treatment of acne. It even clears facial marks resulting from acne. Benefits Of Activated Charcoal Soap Treats Oily Skin. Provides Flawless Skin. Charcoal Soap For Acne. Reduces Pore Size. Makes Skin Tighter And Firmer. Suits Every Skin Type. Prevents Premature Aging. Clears Skin Blemishes. Being an excellent exfoliant, with the ability to remove dead skin cells along with the extraction of dirt and grime, charcoal soap also treats psoriasis and eczema. It is effective for the treatment of dry, cracked skin. It some cases, it also prevents the disease from recurring. Depending on the needs of your skin, it can be used anywhere from one to three times a week, as it will cleanse your pores and neutralize some environmental toxins.