Everyday Sugar Scrub

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Our Demerara Sugar Scrub is unlike any on the market (and we've looked). Instead of using plain White Sugar, Brown Sugar or Tuber Sugar (from GMO Beets), we use, without question, the finest sugar money can buy and for good reason.

Over the last few years, we've been hearing more and more about raw, organic Demerara sugar. Unlike brown sugar, which is just refined white sugar lightly bathed in a bit of molasses, Demerara sugar is a large-grained, somewhat crunchy, raw sugar with origins in Guyana (a colony formerly called Demerara).

Demerara is a mineralized, light brown sugar produced from the first crystallization during processing cane juice into sugar crystals (this process is similar to what happens with naturally evaporated cane juice). Demerara is a humectant exfoliant, which means it draws moisture into the skin, rather than drying it out. It gently removes dead skin, hydrating it from the outside in. For the face, neck and other private and sensitive areas, Demerara Sugar brings moisture below the skin’s surface allowing it to “plump” naturally.

Demerara Sugar has Glycolic Acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA), important for encouraging cell turnover and promoting new growth to reveal the baby skin underneath. In addition to the Demerara Sugar, our Sugar Scrubs are rounded out with a high percentage of organic African Shea Butter, as well as, Hempseed and Grapeseed Oils, so once the humectant properties of the sugar allow outside moisture (air/water) into the skin, the Shea Butter and Oils seal it in place and they begin their own healing work.


Everyone knows the antioxidant and vital benefits of vitamins on skin, but few people understand the importance of minerals to skin health, youth and vitality. The skin needs certain minerals for optimal function which are found in our Shea Butters, Sugar Scrubs and Omega-Hemp Shea Lotions.

Zinc - helps revive your “look” and protects against environmental stressors. Sulfur - is found in the greatest concentration in the hair, skin and nails. It is know to help with oily and sensitive skin... and encourages exfoliation.

Selenium - a powerful antioxidant helps control oily skin (too much sebum) Copper - helps protect skin. Firms and tightens, making your skin look fresh and vibrant.

Silica - also important for firming and tightening, promotes skin smoothness.

Magnesium - helps maintain healthy moisture levels slowing down DNA degradation.

The Sugar-Coated Truth: People need to understand that the American diet is severely deficit in vitamins and minerals. If someone tells you that topically applied nutrients do not get into the body, they are uninformed. 80% of what goes ON your skin goes IN your skin.